Our end-to-end E-Commerce services team has been providing online retail solutions to our customers for over a decade and a half, and has experience working in a wide variety of verticals. We make sure to research and understand your business thoroughly, carefully analyze your target audience as well as their online behaviour, and will provide custom E-Commerce retail services to specifically address their needs - thus increasing profit for you!

After a lot of hard work, you have your E-Commerce store up and running. You have literally sweated blood to make sure your online store looks perfect- and look perfect it does- but there's just one tiny problem. And that is, that no-one really knows about your site at this point.

You can have the best, most up-to-date and efficient site in the world, but it won't do you any good unless you can "back it up" with enough site visits, online footfalls and good search engine rankings. And that goal can only be accomplished by using tried and tested E-Commerce marketing services, strategies and SEO for online stores.

SEO for E-Commerce sites would normally be a headache for online business owners who do not have the time to spend all day popularizing their site. And that is where Hvantage Technologies's online store marketing services come in.


We have been providing online store marketing services for over thirteen years now to our clients in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to apparel, luxury watches, jewelry, electronics, musical instruments and supplies, medical supplies, bathroom fittings, and many more. Our E-Commerce SEO services team has a track record of delivering results and more profit for numerous online retailers. We fashion unique SEO plans for each online store, while keeping in mind the "common" guidelines that our E-Commerce SEO services team has used to positive effect over the years, and make sure that the ultimate goal of getting your site to make more MONEY is always etched at the back of our minds!

On-page SEO Services: We make sure to study your specific E-Commerce SEO needs before developing a unique plan of attack. Our E-Commerce marketing services team will thoroughly analyze each page, keyword and aspect of your site before making on-site optimization recommendations.

  • E-Commerce SEO Writing/Page Optimization: Content is king, and there is no way around that golden rule. Your site will be ranked based upon the content you provide to your users, and we make that your site has interesting, unique, and keyword rich copy which appeals both to users and search engines alike.
  • Keyword Analysis: We will study and research your products carefully to determine the best keywords for your products. We will research which keywords your competitors are using, and will ensure that each page has the appropriate keyword density.
  • Product Page Optimization: We will aid you in determining which product pages should be optimized individually, and will focus on the pages with the highest sales volumes. We will ensure that the relevant link building between category and product pages is carried out, and will make sure that all product images are optimally optimized.
  • E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization: Proper SEO for online stores includes making sure that your entire site is well optimized in order to allow the search engines to crawl each page efficiently. We will analyze and modify your basic site architecture to ensure better links, anchor text and keyword rich content. Our E-Commerce search engine optimization experts will create site maps, robot.txt files, optimized title tags and meta keywords to ensure the search engines can tell which areas of the site to crawl, and which to omit.
  • Off-page Services: Our E-Commerce marketing services team will provide you with a complete spectrum of off-page site optimization services, and have detailed these below:
  • "White Hat" Link Building: Any SEO strategy for E-Commerce sites would be incomplete without a white hat link building program, and we take care of this as well. We will conduct a link audit on your site and will analyze your inbound links, bank links, and your competitor's back links to discover new linking opportunities. We will spend time researching the appropriate sites, directories and forums to submit your site link to, and will develop an all in one link building strategy that will focus on the quality and relevancy of links pointing back to your site, thus ensuring better ranking in the search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is one of the most recent and popular means of marketing your website and with good reason as well. Effective social media marketing has the potential to lead to tremendous growth in site visits via updates going "viral", and it is an extremely cost-efficient means of marketing your site as well. We make sure to establish your brand's presence across all major social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, etc.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing: Our team is well versed in pay per click marketing techniques, and will assist you in figuring out the keywords for your campaign and ensuring you get your money's worth for each click! We have used most of the pay per click marketing programs out there, including Google Adwords. We will constantly monitor, update and modify your pay par click campaign to increase site visits and click through rates.
  • Content Marketing (Press Releases , videos etc): Content marketing is another tried and tested way of building quality links to your website, and is a good way to get new users interested in your site/products. We will write articles, press releases, upload "teaser" videos to YouTube, and blog about your products to spread awareness about your brand and products.
  • Directory Submissions: We will ensure that we submit your site links/content regularly to the best directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, etc. which helps you build quality links from the leading sites in your niche!

How Proloon Can Help in SEO

How good your website is how well written content you may have but without visitors you can't make any big business in internet. If you think your product and services are good enough for the market and want to reach more and more customers you have to create an online search presence in Google and other search engines. It is found that roughly 95% visitors are come through search engine only and thus it matters a huge for businesses. You can find that there is cut throat competition to retain in the first page in Google search and many people think how they can achieve this.

How Proloon Can Help in SEO

Being long in Internet market we have learn and acquired the skills of SEO and become one of the best SEO companies in Chennai. We put our best effort to learn our client and their pain areas. We create a SEO strategy which includes relevant keyword search related to the product and services, working in the content to make it SEO friendly, link building, blog writing, Facebook page creation and promoting the products through that, digital marketing, email campaigns and any other activities which we find relevant to promote the service or product of the client.

Why Choose Proloon as Your Search Engine Marketing Company

Leading SEO company with over 5 years experience

We only use ethical techniques for long term success

Results Driven SEO Company based in India

Excellent track record of delivering successful SEO campaigns for clients

We provide clear weekly and monthly reports to the client.

We don't do any black hat practices to attain the result first.

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